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Interface Children & Family Services

Beginning in August 2010, Interface Children & Family Services began offering the Positive Parenting Program "Triple P" to the community of Simi Valley.  This program provided at no cost to the families, works with parents to strengthen their parenting skills and to develop new strategies for managing challenging behaviors in their child/children.  The objective is to help parents shift their approach as needed in order to decrease the behavioral issues that may be occurring at home and/or at school.  The key components of this program include strengthening the parent-child relationship, creating a safe and positive learning environment, teaching assertive discipline and supporting parent self-care.

Examples of targeted behaviors in the child are non-compliance/defiance, tantrums, aggressiveness, angry outbursts and impulsivity.  Challenges may also include difficulties at bedtime, school refusal and conflicts around homework.  The strategies will enable parents to approach a broad range of behaviors in a consistent, assertive, and supportive way.  In addition, the program can provide extra support for parents dealing with personal and relationship stress.

Parents who have participated in Triple P report positive changes not only in their child's behavior, but in their family relationships as well.  The result as indicated by many parents is a calmer, more supportive living environment with observable changes in their child's behavior at school as well.  The teachers report fewer behavioral problems, thereby decreasing the need for interventions by the school personnel.

Triple P is offered individually to parents or in a group setting.  All the services are available in English and Spanish.  For more information on the program or to request a referral, please contact Diana Anderson - Community Liaison at Crestview, 805-520-6715.