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Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

Parking Lot Procedures and Dismissal

Our parking lot procedures must be followed to ensure student safety.  As many of you are aware, parking lots can be a difficult place to navigate. Thank you in advance for being considerate of each other and our students.

  • The area along the curb has been designated as a drop-off/pick-up area only.  Students are to be dropped off and picked up at the curb from the passenger side of the vehicle. At no time should students enter or exit the vehicle from the driver’s side. This puts them in danger of the moving traffic in the “drive through lane.”

  • When dropping off and picking up your child, please form one line. Please be sure to pull all the way forward to keep the traffic moving. Never double or triple park or ask your child to run between cars.
  • The “drive through lane” is to be used only to exit the parking lot. It is not to be used to drop off or pick up students. Please drive slowly in this lane through the entire parking lot.
  • The parking spaces are reserved for staff members.
  • Speed limit for the parking lot is 5 mph.
  • All students must wait for pick up in the front of the school.