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To email one of our staff or teachers, please click on the "envelope" to the left of each person's name. To go to a teacher's website, click on the teacher's underlined name. If the name is not underlined, the teacher does not have a website. 

Contact Diana Anderson  Diana Anderson Community Liaison
Contact Katelyn Geiger  Katelyn Geiger TK Teacher
Contact Katherine Gutierrez  Katherine Gutierrez Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Ms. Hart  Ms. Hart 4th/5th Grade
Contact Heidi Hillman  Heidi Hillman Academic Interventionist
Contact Nora Kuntz  Nora Kuntz Principal
Contact Allison McMartin  Allison McMartin 6th Grade
Contact Kim O'Bryan  Kim O'Bryan 2nd Grade
Contact Carla Pina  Carla Pina Staff
Contact Lori Rede  Lori Rede 2nd Grade
Contact Christieann Rohal  Christieann Rohal 1st Grade
Contact Jessica Singer  Jessica Singer Kindergarten
Contact Agnes Somogyi  Agnes Somogyi Office Clerk
Contact Anne Tennant  Anne Tennant 3rd Grade
Contact Kimberlin Vise  Kimberlin Vise 1st Grade
Contact Pam Waxman  Pam Waxman Staff
Contact Kelli Weiss  Kelli Weiss (805) 520-6710 Learning Center